Vibrant Greens: To Your Health!

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There’s no secret our supplement market team is keen on Green Vibrance and its sister Joint Vibrance—both from Vibrant Health.

“What I like about Green Vibrance,” says Karen in our supplement department at GreenAcres-Bradley Fair, “is that it says right on the package or tub exactly what you’re getting in numbers that you can calculate. There are as many vitamins, minerals and enzymes in a packet as there are in a healthy replacement meal. In fact, one wouldn’t even need to take a multivitamin if he digested Green Vibrance on a daily basis.”

Add 25 billion probiotics to the organic greens and freeze-dried grass juices in GV, and you’ve got yourself a supplement that supports nutrition, digestion, circulation and immunity all rolled into a single scoop daily. Worth checking into, for sure.

Be prepared, it’s a little pricey. A tub with 82 servings is $100. But if you want primo results, GV is the one to buy.

Going with the idea that to reach optimal health, the immune system must be strong and the gastro-intestinal tract in ship shape, GV promises to deliver the goods with great nutrient density. We’ve heard Dr. Ron Hunninghake, Chief Medical Officer of the Riodan Clinic say, “sometimes it’s a single element that’s missing in our diets that causes havoc to our systems.” Well, GV may just provide that missing element for some of us, maybe many of us.

Since we are all fighting time, and human metabolism is built on oxidation, it’s wise to consider products which encourage oxidation within our cells. Nutritive antioxidants take the sting out of oxidative damage, and GV delivers a powerful 960mg of herbal antioxidants as well as beta-carotene, vitamin C, vitamin E and more.

The formula is supportive of good skeletal health because of its alkalinizing nature, and it has been scientifically shown to provide key ingredients for bone health—most important as we age. Apparently, all age groups can benefit from GV, even children, and it is safe for vegans as well.

Chlorophyll from green foods supports intestinal health. Add to that apple fiber from GV’s certified organic whole apple powder, plus sunflower lecithin to support the elimination of heavy metals, cholesterol and toxins and you’re doing your intestinal tract a favor.

Formulator and founder of GV, Mark Timon, designed his product as “supplemental nutrition to aid in healing illnesses and establish optimum health.” To that end, Green Vibrance is apparently delivering.

Joint Vibrance, says Barb Mainze, “has everything one would need to restore joint flexibility. Customers have had great results with it, and several of our employees use it.

The Joint Vibrance website has this to say:

“Two types of hydrolyzed collagen in Joint Vibrance serve as the backbone of the formula. Human clinical trials have shown that after six weeks of consuming 7 to 10 grams of type 1 collagen, or 1 to 2 grams of type 2 collagen, new cartilage could be detected by x-ray examination of the joints. Joint Vibrance version 4.3 supplies both type 2 and type 1 collagen.

“The collagen in cartilage – type 2 collagen – is slightly different in its composition than type 1 collagen found in bone, skin, tendon, blood vessel walls, and organs.

“Supplemental type 2 collagen directly benefits cartilage synthesis. Type 1 collagen aids the synthesis of cartilage, supports bone health, and supports the integrity of tendons.

“Cartilage deterioration is often accompanied by bone deterioration. Since bone is composed of 30% to 36% type 1 collagen, it makes sense to provide nutritional support not only to cartilage but also to bone in a dietary supplement targeted for joint health. Tendons also rely on type 1 collagen for health. Type 1 collagen will help maintain the integrity of the stabilizing tendons wrapped across joints.”

This might be too technical for many, and that’s why we invite you to visit with our knowledgeable market team to break down the science for you.

Please stop into any of our GreenAcres stores and find out if these products might benefit you.