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GreenAcres Market – the Place to Be!

Time flies when you are growing a business. Barb and John Hoffmann set about to make Wichita, Kansas a healthier place when opening the original GreenAcres in 1994, at 21st and Rock Road in the Bradley Fair Shopping Center. In 2006, their daughter Shannon embarked on making Kansas City healthier through the company’s community education efforts. And they’re not done yet!

“It can only be described as an adventure,” said Barb Hoffmann, co-owner and president of GreenAcres Market. “We thought we were starting a retail store, but it has grown much larger than that!”

Since 1994, GreenAcres Market has been the breeding ground for ideas that included a six-year, nationally syndicated radio talk show, Health Talk with Shannon and Matt, cutting edge advertising programs that have achieved national recognition and seminars featuring the brightest and best from the natural foods industry. During this time, GreenAcres Market has seen a few health fads come and go, but kept their focus on helping customers build a healthy lifestyle. Long before organics were mainstream, GreenAcres Market prided themselves with the largest certified organic produce department in the area.

“Organic is who we are,” John Hoffmann said, “We believe in eating this way and we want to share our enthusiasm with others to eat organic.” The love of organics carries over into GreenAcres Market’s deli operations, where organic ingredients make up the bulk of deli recipes. It might cost a bit more, but deli customers appreciate the clean, wholesome homemade foods that are true to the GreenAcres’ mission.

“A healthy lifestyle starts with a good diet – one that is filled with fruits and vegetables,” offers Shannon Hoffmann. “Over the years, customers have come to understand the importance of proper eating to support lifelong health – and that is exciting!” Along with lean protein choices and beneficial fats, fruits and vegetables form the foundation of a healthy diet. And the list of foods to avoid has not changed much since the first store opened in 1994 – white sugar, refined flour and grains, or any foods made from them.

“If there was any benefit of the low-carb craze from a while back, it was that the public finally began to understand what we have been saying for all these years – that these foods are calorie rich but nutrient deficient,” said Matt Murray, co-owner and Wichita store manager. “We always knew that things like refined sugar and trans-fats were bad, but now the public is also beginning to understand the health implications of a poor diet.”

You can’t discuss being healthy or creating a healthy lifestyle regimen without mentioning nutritional supplements and healthy body care items. In today’s high-stress times people need more nutrition than ever – even if they eat perfectly. That’s why we want to help you find a multivitamin, an omega-3 supplement and a green food supplement. These three products in addition to your healthy diet will assist you in building a healthy nutritional foundation. After that you can select additional supplements if you need to address specific conditions or situations that have to do with your personal health.

We want to help you look your best naturally. The GreenAcres body care department features everything you need from the necessities of deodorant and toothpaste, natural and non-toxic hair care and color, to natural skin care and makeup. The only things missing are the unhealthy ingredients like parabens, synthetic colors and fragrances and petrolatum.

Shopping at GreenAcres Market is an event. From the moment you walk in the door your thoughts become lighter and your mood brightens. The colorful produce department tempts you to eat all the colors of the rainbow. Ample samples let you try things you might not be familiar with and the deli/café cases are filled with freshly prepared foods to enjoy at the store or to take home for eating later. The friendly staff is eager to help you find things and offer advice. Regular in-store classes are designed to help you make healthy choices and major seminars from nationally recognized speakers offer opportunities to learn from wellness experts. All of this is to motivate you and support your decision to lead a healthier life!

“It has been a fulfilling experience bringing GreenAcres Market to Wichita,” Barb Hoffmann said. “Although it has been a lot of hard work, I wouldn’t have changed a single thing.” Shannon Hoffman adds, “And now I continue the awesome responsibility of bringing this exciting concept to Kansas City. We’re definitely up for the challenge!” The excitement is already mounting to see what is in store next at GreenAcres.

Have you established your healthy lifestyle yet? If not, you need to come to GreenAcres Market to get started. “Anyone can sell you products,” Matt Murray, Wichita Store Manager and co-owner, offers, “but we are interested in getting you the results that will actually build your health.” Come shop with us, grow with us and learn with us. You will see the distinctive difference!