GreenAcres commitment to fresh produce is unmatched in the market. Sourcing locally grown produce without herbicides, synthetic pesticides and fertilizers is the foundation of healthy eating. Supporting nearby growers and producer networks contributes to the local food community and broader economic development. Seasonal assortments travel fewer miles to GreenAcres Markets and your table.

At the height of the summer produce season, stop by GreenAcres Farmers Market at the Bradley Fair location. Visit with local growers and goods producers. Support small businesses and hyper-local farmers. Enjoy the sunshine, fresh air, food trucks and even live music on occasion.


Purchasing produce from GreenAcres Markets is always an experience to feel good about. Eat well, live well and support sustainable food production with a visit to GreenAcres. Carrying only the highest quality products in every section of the store,  trust GreenAcres to source fresh produce for your family.