Why Shop Organic?

GreenAcres’ Organic Food Selection

Healthy living starts with eating well. In support of this mission, GreenAcres offers fresh, natural and organic food for every palate. GreenAcres unique environment, dedicated customer service team and education-focused events further our quest for healthy communities. GreenAcres’ commitment to organic food carries over into the deli where organic ingredients make up most of the menu.


GreenAcres Markets are here to meet every type of dietary need. Find everything from simple cereals and juices to frozen snacks, salad dressing, pasta, yogurt and dairy products. We have a great selection for the entire family and carry many items that work with specific diets including gluten free, plant-based, KETO, diabetic friendly and more.

Balance Lean Proteins, Fruits and Vegetables

Along with lean protein choices and beneficial fats, fruits and vegetables form the foundation of a healthy diet. Every product at GreenAcres Market is carefully sourced. Food from specialty distributors and producers meet the highest standards. Nourish yourself and the ones you love with nutrient-rich, organic produce, dairy products and grocery staples from GreenAcres.


GreenAcres buys directly from local growers, producers and manufacturers. Find farmer’s market quality products year round at GreenAcres. PIck up lunch at GreenAcres all natural and organic deli. In deli locations, choose from a wide variety of ready-to-eat entrees, soups, salads and sides. Enjoy selections of sustainable fish, grass-fed beef, free-range chicken dishes and wholesome homemade foods that are true to the GreenAcres’ mission.

GreenAcres Reads the Labels for You

Packed full of real, farm-fresh vegetables, fruits and whole grains direct from farmers, you can count on GreenAcres to read the labels for you. Working toward a world where everyone is nourished, these producers operate with transparency and support regenerative agriculture. What’s not at GreenAcres is important too. When you shop at GreenAcres, you can be sure that nothing contains white sugar, chemicals, additives, preservatives or refined flour and grains.


Since 1994, people have turned to GreenAcres for products they can trust and expert level customer service. Call, come by or connect online with GreenAcres for questions about speciality food items that support healthy lifestyles.