Delicious Food for Special Diets

Many of us at GreenAcres are following special diets or reading about them, so we are committed to finding new items that will help you find success and be able to manage your dietary requirements on a regular basis to achieve results.  Because of this, we know first hand how hard it is to get started and how hard it can be to sustain.  Consistency is the key!  Just ask one of us – we’ve probably tried it, or we know someone who has.


Specialty diets are the norm at GreenAcres Markets. The experts in the aisles at GreenAcres know that eating the right food and avoiding unhealthy additives solves a lot of health problems. When physical challenges arise, adjusting our diets to the body’s benefit is a positive response. Often sparked by a diagnosis or digestive challenges, GreenAcres encourages shoppers to sample and ask questions. 

GreenAcres understands the unique needs of gluten free, raw, KETO, vegetarian, vegan and other diets designed to nourish the body. Carrying proven products that meet the highest standards in earth-friendly packaging and production, GreenAcres makes meeting your dietary needs easy and delicious.


It’s all about what works for you and educating yourself on what is available! You don’t have to be deprived, you may in fact be excited at the new choices available to you. And, you’ll be really excited about how good you will feel! This is why GreenAcres believes in being an educational resource in addition to supplying healthy products. Work with GreenAcres highly trained team to make purchases that support your best life.