21st & Maize

Your 21st & Maize Market

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[icon class=”icon-phone” type=”” size=”icon-1x” border=”no” bgcolor=”” color=”#ef3131″][/icon]Phone: (316) 729-4365

[icon class=”icon-time” type=”” size=”icon-1x” border=”no” bgcolor=”” color=”#ef3131″][/icon]Hours: Monday – Sunday  •  8:00 AM – 9:00 PM

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First we re-set the GreenAcres store at 21st and Maize, then we upset the apple cart by knocking down walls and doubling its size. It now almost mirrors the size of our flagship store and boasts a smoothie, juice and drink bar, a hot case, a soup station, a wall-size grab ‘n’ go where customers find fresh deli salads and sides, soups in quart containers, snack packs and more.  Don’t pass up the bakery case! Our cooks supply it with fresh gluten-free cookies, bars and muffins all day long. For years our west side customers begged for a GreenAcres on their side of town. Now they have two!

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