7 End of Summer Needs

As the days move from the lazy, hazy days of summer to the hustle and bustle of fall, we suggest making sure you have these seven essentials in your house to help with the transition. Wind up your summer with these seven must haves.

1 Medieval Mix from Aura Cacia. This essential oil blend of sweet orange, lavender, lemon, red thyme, tea tree, eucalyptus & rosemary is both antibacterial and antiviral. “All six of my grandchildren use this when they go back to school to ward off bugs,” says Cindy, Bradley Fair Health & Beauty Manager. “I even use it on my dog for kennel cough!” It is great for anyone in close-quarters, including schools, offices and airports.

2 Orgain Organic Nutrition Shakes We all try to plan our meals, but there are times we just need a quick fix. These shakes are made with organic fruits and veggies, have 16 grams of protein and 21 vitamins and minerals. And most importantly, they taste great!

3 L-Theanine This amino acid has extensive research for its abilities to help relax and focus. “L-theanine is perfect as people get back on routines,” says Matt Murray, Bradley Fair manager. “It helps you calm, focus and even get to bed on time.”

4 Onnit Alpha Brain It seems as we move into August, our lives speed up even more and we have a lot more to track. Alpha Brain has been clinically studied to assist with memory, processing speed & focus. So, if you can’t seem to remember where you left your keys and glasses or need help passing Algebra, come see us to learn more!

5 Fuel Snacks When the mid-afternoon slump hits, Fuel Snacks are a perfect way to energize. These nutrient packed, organic treats contain naturally occurring prebotic fiber, detoxifying antioxidants, essential vitamins, and alkaline minerals.

6 Diffuser+Cheer Up Buttercup As children of all ages head back to school and so many of us have to buckle down, we
might need a pick me up. Susan, Normandie Health & Beauty Manager suggests Now Foods Cheer Up Buttercup for lifting our spirits. “This is one of my favorites to put in a diffuser,” says Susan. “I even wear it on my aromatherapy necklace during the day.”

7 Earth Care Pain Relieving Ointment In August, a lot of us head back outside to participate in sports, work in the yard and bicycle. Our muscles might remind us of our summer neglect. To ease the pain, check out Earth’s Care ointment. This blend of camphor, menthol, wintergreen & rosemary absorbs quickly to start offering relief.

If August has you heading back to school, off to college, back to work or just wishing for cooler weather, don’t forget to be proactive and start supporting your health now. Fall will be here before we know it and we want to be ready to celebrate!