“App Up” if you haven’t already!

App (321x350)It’s time to get the new GreenAcres app on your smart phone for lots of reasons, but mostly because it’s going to save you money, get you through checkout faster and offer you coupon opportunities you haven’t had before.

We would be happy to help you set up your app, just ask us. Only takes a minute and you’ll be good to go.

So what are the benefits of the GreenAcres app? We’ve listed some below:

-Customer Rewards are taken to the next level with our new mobile app and website portal! You will continue saving $5 for every 200 points earned. Don’t forget, we have a lot of “double points” items, and offer double points on your entire purchase the last day of every month!

-During your app registration, if you currently have a Customer Rewards Card, you will be asked to “link your loyalty I.D.” This will transfer all of your rewards points to your app.

-Soon we’ll be offering FREE products when you redeem 100 points (only available for customers that have signed up for the app or who have signed up online).

-“Clip” app-only coupons and deals from our newsletter. We’ll have more coupon offerings as time goes by since we’re partnering with our vendors to offer you the best deals we can secure.

-The app makes it easy for you to create shopping lists. If you are using a computer instead of your phone, simply print your shopping list and bring it to the store for convenience.

-You’ll earn freebies with digital punchcards, both from our stores that have delis and from vendors whom we’re contracting with to offer their own punchcards. For example, at a GreenAcres salad bar, after you’ve purchased $75, you’ll get a free salad! Or after your 10th deli sandwich, the next one is on us. Or perhaps vendor #1 wants to offer his own punchcard—you buy nine bottles of Vit. D 3 and you get the next bottle FREE. It’s all tallied right there on your app.

-You can keep track of your point balance at any given time just by checking your app.

-Your app will even keep track of your old receipts and look up items purchased in the past. You can use your digital receipt to make a return.

-Select “food preferences” such as Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Vegan and more so we can notify you about promotions on items specific to you.

-There will be special deals that only apply to those with our app.

-Have questions or concerns? Just email rewards@greenacres.com or call our corporate office at 316.634.1088.

We’re here to make this easy for you. After you’re all set up, we think you’ll wonder why you didn’t sign up sooner. After all, it’s not how much you earn, but how much you save, and you’ll realize as time goes on, with the GreenAcres app you’ll save a bunch!