Argan Oil–so essential even the goats love it!


Derived from a tree nut grown from an endangered tree, under the protection of UNESCO, that grows wild in Morocco, argan oil is probably the most sought after nutrient by cosmetic companies in this decade, and still may be processed the ancient way by grinding and cold pressing to leech every ounce of the precious oil.

Wiki tells us that before modern day, the Berbers of Morocco collected undigested argan pits from the waste of goats which actually climbed the trees to eat their savored fruit. But not to worry, modern times have made harvesting directly from the tree a much more palatable venture. Machines do most of the breaking down of nuts, not the goats.

The unroasted oil (roasting makes the oil smell too nutty for modern noses) is used in both culinary and cosmetic products; but for those who want silky, clear skin and shiny hair, almost any product with argon oil on the label is a sure seller. The companies using the coveted oil in their cosmetic blends grew from just two in 2007 to 100 four years later. Today the Moroccan government knows it has a winner and is planning to increase production for export 1000 fold.

Argan oil is sometimes mixed with pomegranate seed oil just to kick up the antioxidant contents. The oil also contains saponins which naturally control the growth of bacteria. In Morocco, it’s still considered a great deterrent to teenage acne, and for wrinkled, dry skin, it’s “the bomb,” to use American slang.

At GreenAcres, we carry argan oil from a variety of companies, but at our Bradley Fair store, our HABA girls especially like Life-Flo’s Simpler’s Botanicals. The Concentrated Daily Rejuvenating Treatment tones, detoxifies and balances with a lightweight, moisturizing formula that nourishes with botanical oils and natural antioxidants. The targeted ingredients for oily, combination, or overactive skin help support skin clarity.

And because GreenAcres loves to support free trade companies, we especially like Simpler’s Botanicals because it is produced by Women’s Cooperatives in Morocco, providing much-needed jobs for rural women.

Our Health and Beauty Departments in all eight GreenAcres Markets have argan oil products in testers you can apply to your skin to see if it suits you. Many customers use argan oil on their hair to give a healthy shine and to repair split ends.

Be sure to ask our HABA market team for help when you’re in any of our stores. The organic cosmetic industry has always been cutting edge when it comes to beautiful skin and hair. It has science and actual nutrition behind it—not just chemicals and scent. We’re in the business of healthy beauty. Let us know if you try any of our argan oil serums.