Blue Buddha—a tea even the Buddha might embrace

blue buddhaGreenAcres Market has a new product line coming into all of our stores. You might see it as early as this Friday. But if it misses the date, keep an eye open for it. Blue Buddha Wellness Teas are sure to be a hit.

The teas pay homage to Ayurvedic medicine, the company reports, which traditionally combines clinically-studied herbs, organic tea and fruit extracts to heighten immunity and enhance vitality. Do the teas accomplish their goal? You be the judge.

The teas come in four flavors, but the one we think our customers will go for in a big way is the Raspberry-Hibiscus. All of the flavors include Aswagandha, Maitake Muchroom and Alma (Indian Gooseberry) which research indicates helps to sharpen focus, support the immune system and lessen stress. Each 14-ounce bottle contains 40 calories, 10 grams of sugar and is certified organic.

So now we see why the company has adopted the Buddha as the face on its bottles. The Buddha taught his ideas 2,500 years ago, but those who embrace his religion are hoping to catch his key to happiness and a path to achieving enlightenment. The Buddha’s way of looking at the universe is one that acknowledges that everything is in a state of flux or change, which is uncomfortable for many. But in accepting that the world is impermanent, man can live in harmony with his environment, embrace wisdom and peace, and thus end his own suffering.

It’s a simplistic explanation, “but individuals who practice Buddhism wish to develop self-reliance, moral responsibility, tolerance, compassion, wisdom and many other qualities that can enrich happiness and make life more meaningful in today’s world.”

 blue-buddhaTo that end, the founders of Blue Buddha have big hopes for their teas. They’ve fashioned them in the spirit of “Medicine Buddha” or “Herb-Heavy Buddha,” using plants and herbs to create drinkable elixirs to help keep people in a healthy balance, healing not only the body but the mind and spirit as well.

Please notice as you peruse your Green Acres January newsletter, Blue Buddha teas are offering 2 for $4. Let us know if you take advantage of this offer and if you do, let us know which flavor you like best.