Brain Support For Kids

Traditionally we look at August as the back-to-school month. This year appears to be a bit different with all the questions about whether schools will be back in the classrooms and how the school year will develop. One thing is certain; Kids need support for concentration and learning so they can do and be their best. It is a daunting situation, but take heart, there are natural solutions to protect and improve kids’ brain function!

Back-to-school menus & schedules

Part of the challenge of back-to-school season is how to get children back into a more structured routine after summer. A healthy diet based on lots of fruits and vegetables, lean proteins and beneficial fats is a great place to start. Breakfast is the most important meal for growing minds and bodies. Try to start the day on protein-rich food rather than carbohydrate-loaded, sugar-coated cereals. Tasty options include fresh eggs, lean sausage, smoothies or  low-sugar, organic protein shakes. This will give your kids a strong start to the day and stabilize blood sugar levels–supporting better learning and behavior. Many parents also experiment with gluten-free diets to aid in childrens’ mental health.

Get your family back on a school schedule with bedtime routines to keep everyone on track and functioning fully the next day. Melatonin has been used for years to assist in helping to retrain schedules after an unstructured summer vacation. Putting electronics away at least an hour before bedtime has also proven beneficial in establishing healthy sleep patterns.

Vitamins and supplements 

The micronutrients found in multivitamins support concentration, athletic performance and immunity. The DHA essential fatty acid in Omega-3 supplements is beneficial for brain and eyesight development. Digestive support can be beneficial to repair damage caused by sugar and refined carbohydrates–an unfortunate staple in many kids’ diets. Omega-3 also supports immunity and can help with concentration and food allergies.

No matter what you’re looking for to start the 2020 school year off in the right direction, GreenAcres Markets can help! For added convenience, order online and schedule free curbside pickup or delivery. Living well is simple and affordable at GreenAcres. We’re here to help build healthy communities, one person at a time.