CBD Oil—what’s the scoop?

CBD adEver since a CNN News interview a year or so ago with Dr. Sanjay Gupta on the benefits of cannabidiol—better known as hemp oil or at least a product of the hemp oil industry, people have been curious about its effects. Is it dope, or isn’t it?

Those who want legalized marijuana are on one side of the issue, and those who worry about raising a whole generation of pot heads are on the other side.

The study of the cannabis plants which includes both hemp and marijuana is confusing. And recent alarms raised by the government and healthcare industry on the mushrooming opioid epidemic has made cannabinoids come under greater scrutiny than ever.

Marijuana, it seems, contains significant amounts of a cannabinoid known as THC. That’s the highly-addictive, psychoactive compound that lets users get “high.” Hemp, on the other hand (industrial hemp) reportedly has little THC, and is the source of hemp fibers used in fabrics, and often mixed with linen and cotton in clothing.

Other parts of hemp are used to make rope, and hemp seeds are used for protein and oil and are used nutritionally for animals and humans. It’s kind of a buzz word in the health food industry, and the U.S. government holds a patent on CBD oil through the Department of Health and Human Services.

Whole Foods Magazine, not affiliated with Whole Foods Market, is considered a bible in the organic food industry and reports that a tremendous amount of research has been done in this area. An article last year stated that a search on PubMed.gov for cannabidiol shows more than 1300 studies. And when Dr. Gupta’s interview was broadcast, those with serious epileptic seizures, or those having family members with the often-scary, chronic disorder, perked up immediately. Could the lowly hemp plant actually be an answer to prayer?

Whole Foods Magazine contains a podcast narrated by Stuart Tomc, formerly an educator for Nordic Naturals Omega 3 Fish Oil, and now a vice president of Human Nutrition for Cannavest, which produces 90% of the world’s CBD oil.

Tomc was a frequent guest of GreenAcres Market, someone the Hoffmanns knew well and invited him to speak at store seminars on any number of health-related topics. Tomc’s podcast dovetailed with what the GreenAcres buying team had been pondering: Is CBD Oil from hemp the real deal?

Shannon Hoffmann, GreenAcres president and Matt Murray, a GreenAcres owner and store manager of GA-Bradley Fair, went to Expo West two years ago, and right then and there, decided to take another look at CBD Oil.

DSC05062 (500x375)Customers had been asking for us to bring in something that was “high” on cannabidiol (CBD), but “low” on tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychotropic property in marijuana. Many had been doing their own research and were utterly convinced hemp was the way to go.

So after visiting with vendors at Expo West, Shannon and Matt decided to bring two CBD Oil products into the store: Charlotte’s Web and American Shaman. Plus CBD Oil followed. Customer testimonials have been rife. The products fly out of the store to rave reviews about “relieving pain, especially joint and migraine pain.”

This has led to our first Plus CBD Oil seminar this coming Thursday at GA-Bradley Fair. If you have any interest in hearing about this nutrient-rich, non-psychotoxic, eco-friendly product derived from hemp, this is the seminar to attend.

RSVP: (316) 634-1088 to reserve your chair.