Cider is in the air!

DSC03667 (388x400)One of the great things about Fall, besides a visit from the Great Pumpkin, is the smell of apple cider wafting through the house on a cool October day. In fact, several of our Real Estate customers will fill a pan with one of our Fall staples—Knudson’s Cider and Spice—and put it on the stove to welcome visitors to an open house.  There’s nothing like the aroma of a hot apple pie or simmering cider to say “WELCOME HOME.”

But cider isn’t just for drinking anymore. There are lots of things you can do to recipes with the addition of apple cider. There’s a webpage on the Internet where people write in telling what they do to enhance the Fall experience with cider. Here’s what a few home cooks have to offer:

Replace chicken stock with cider (Mango Peach, maybe) when making chicken recipes.

DSC03670 (400x300)Cinnamon-flavored Cider and Spice goes great with Mediterranean dishes of chicken and lamb. Add a hearty, hot quinoa salad or couscous or Jasmine rice, and you’ve got yourself a company dish the whole family will enjoy.

  • Have you ever thought of making cider syrup? Just boil any of the Knudsen ciders to a reduced syrup and pour over waffles or pancakes. Yum!
  •  How about brewing a “tea” made of cider syrup and a brewed tea of your choice, letting it cool, adding ice and chilled soda or sparkling water for a refreshing drink?!
  • A pork chop is so much more than a pork chop when you bake it in Cherry Cider, and then top it off with cherry preserves mixed into sour cream.
  • Apple cider chicken is a great family dish. Brown chicken breasts and thighs; deglaze the pan with Mango Peach Cider. Serve with a salsa of mango, garlic, chopped red onion and cilantro.
  • Pour warmed Apple Cider over hot-out-of-the-oven pound cake; let it cool; slice and serve with a side of stewed apples.

Just pick up a couple of bottles of your favorite Knudsen ciders and experiment along with the cooks above. If you have a cider salad dressing you’d like to share with GreenAcres, we’d love to hear from you.  If you’re not into cider, but prefer Knudsen’s Organic Beet Juice, please note the 32 oz. bottle is on sale this month in the GreenAcres newsletter for $5.39.

But if cider makes you long for crisp, cool mornings, leaves turning and the first fire in the firepace, Cider and Spice is definitely the way to go. It’s on sale this month for $3.39 a 32 oz. bottle. It’s the season after all, and the great aroma of cider is in the air!