Cracked, chapped lips? Home remedies might work best!

cracked lips

There’s a great article in that talks about a dilemma we see often at GreenAcres Market: Lips that never quite repair even though customers swear they are putting chapstick on every hour.

The article talks about a single ingredient that may be impeding healing, and that ingredient is petrolatum. “Depending on how the company refined its petrolatum, it could contain carcinogens that can cause cancer in living tissue.” We don’t want that!

That’s why it’s good to shop at a health food store for all-natural skincare products. But guess what? Not all-natural products and not all chapsticks are created equal. We’ve still got to read labels.

There’s an ingredient in many toothpastes that can affect the lips as well: Sodium lauryl sulfate. This is a foaming agent that aids in removing bacteria and debris from the teeth as well as helping rinse the teeth. But if one is allergic to it, he or she can wake up one morning to puffy, cracked lips that itch and burn. And there are other ingredients in toothpaste, moisturizers, soaps and lotions that those sensitive to allergens can fall prey to.

We talked with Cindy, a health and beauty expert at GreenAcres-Bradley Fair, and this is what she suggests:

  • “As the article in Shefinds suggests, olive oil can be an amazing remedy,” says Cindy. “Shefinds likes the idea of putting a squirt of honey into the olive oil before smoothing it on your lips, and that’s a terrific idea. I would add a drop of essential oil as well, such as Tea Tree Oil or Lavender. Both are anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, and lavender has the added characteristic of being calming.”
  • Cindy also cautions about using commercial honey. “Always choose a local honey or Manuka honey from New Zealand, which can be expensive, but has many healthful enzymes. Some ethnic groups actually use Manuka as medicine. It’s that powerful.”
  • And lastly, Cindy says she would add a drop of pure vanilla into the mix. To get the scoop on vanilla, you’ll have to visit Cindy at GreenAcres.

But whatever remedy you choose, know there is always help for allergy-troubled lips and skin. At GreenAcres, our supplement team members are standing by.

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