When detoxing, don’t forget the face and hair!

DSC01681 (400x300)There’s a new product in town by Alba Botanica that has in its formula—of all things—Volcanic Clay, a mineral-rich natural substance that attracts, extracts and absorbs dirt, oil and grime from deep within the pores.

The health benefits of volcanic ash have been known for ages and have been attributed to studies of a native people called Melanesians that occupy parts of the Maluku Islands of eastern Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and Fiji. (Pictured below, many of the Melanesian children of the Solomon Islands have the interesting inherited characteristic of having dark skin and blond hair.)

For these islanders, volcanic ash is used for a wide assortment of infections due to its anti-bacterial and overall disinfectant qualities. The ash is high in Sulphur which, after calcium and phosphorus, is the third most abundant mineral in the human body. It is found in blood and connective tissue (also in garlic, onions and broccoli) and assists the body in resisting bacteria and slowing down aging and the toxic effects of pollution and radiation.

Sulphur, thought the years, has been prescribed by doctors for allergies, clogged arteries and upper respiratory infections. It has been known to benefit those with acne, rosacea, dermatitis and itchy skin infections caused by scabies, lice, poison ivy and more.

From a blog on the Internet, vocanicearth.com, we learn Sulphur exists in our bodies to:

  • disinfect the blood
  • stimulate bile secretion
  • aid the oxidation reactions in the body
  • protect the protoplasm of cells
  • for the synthesis of collagen (one of the main proteins needed for the structural integrity of your skin)

“Volcanic ash,” reports vocanicearth, “is truly Mother Nature’s natural skin purifier. Not only is it rich in minerals, its exfoliating properties mean that it is ideal for removing the dead outer layers of skin as it cleanses the skin in the process. Volcanic ash particles are finely crushed and may be as small as 1/1,000th of an inch (or 0.025mm). The ash does not dissolve in water and so makes for a fantastic, mild exfoliant. Volcanic ash is used in foot and body scrubs because of its purification and cleaning qualities.”

In 1979, Alba Botanica created a line of skincare products that nourishes the skin and preserves the environment. All of the Alba Botanica products are 100% vegetarian formulas infused with botanicals of Torch Ginger, soothing Lotus Flower and antioxidant-rich Yerba Mata to replenish and support skin’s natural defenses.” But it’s volcanic ash that sets the company apart.

Alba’s mantra besides “Be Beautiful” is “Do beautiful,” which means, “keeping the earth healthy and happy, too.” The company aims to be good stewards of natural resources by reducing its environmental footprint when it can, and promising never to test it products or any of its ingredients used in them on animals.

Alba Botanical’s website says, the volcanic clay helps to:

  • brighten and refresh the skin
  • clear problematic impurities
  • polish away dead surface cells…leaving the skin with a smooth, even glow

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