Dining with Millennials

mill3A look at the eating habits and thoughts about food of the millennial generation according to the 2015 Food and Health Survey, the most recent available, conducted by the International Food Information Council (IFIC). We see four key things regarding millennials and food:

  • They are optimistic about the future of food
  • They look to their friends and family for support in losing weight and maintaining health
  • They use technology as a tool to reach their health goals
  • They have shifting attitudes about the value of certain nutrients

Barriers to healthy lifestyles

  • 70% say they cut calories by drinking water or low-or no-calories beverages
  • 54% they have cut back on foods higher in solid fats
  • Few are eating smaller meals or snacks

Whom do millennials trust? mill

  • 45% use friends and family; 36% use apps; 12% use online support groups or blogs for information and support
  • 79% say they would try a 3D printer that can make any food from scratch

Attitudes about nutrients

  • 20% state that all sources of calories have the same bearing on weight gain
  • Millennials are more concerned about consuming sugars than they are of consuming carbs
  • 64% recognize omega 3 fatty acids as healthful; yet only 17% rate polyunsaturated fats as harmful
  • They are less likely to think certain oils are healthful than the general population
  • They say the top reason they don’t consume more protein is the belief that it is too expensive
  • They also think foods with protein will spoil sooner if not used quickly
  • One in five believe higher-protein foods often have a lot of unhealthful components