Good Bugs for Good Health

Many people associate probiotics with digestion, but there is much more to the probiotic story.

The gut is home to a multitude of species of bacteria and other beneficial microorganisms that fight off illness small and large. More than 70% of the immune system is housed in the gut or lower intestinal tract. According to Dr. Gerard Mullin, author of The Gut Balance Revolution, “Thousands of studies show that probiotics provide harmony and balance to the gut’s immune system.”

Bad for Intestinal Balance & Immunity:

  • Lack of Sleep
  • Antibiotics
  • Travel
  • Poor Diet

Probiotics strengthen the intestinal wall, keeping invaders out and boost our natural killers cells for fighting power.  With support from probiotics, the immune system has a stronger/fortified wall.  Wall acts like a toll gate keeper:  lets some bacteria in, keeps some in.  In addition, probiotics boost the killer cells, fighting whatever does get in.

Ways to get more probiotics:

  • Functional or fortified foods
  • Fermented foods & beverages
  • Supplements

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