Health and Beauty—it comes by us “naturally!”

DSC02899 (400x400)It might seem strange that a whole department store of cosmetics might exist in a chain of health food stores. But there it is, HABA, as the department is called at GreenAcres Market, features a whole array of beauty, bath and hygiene products, all toxin free and carried with the caveat that “the liver can only detoxify so much over a lifetime, it behooves all of us to look especially at those products we use every day.”

GreenAcres stocks its shelves in eight stores in three states with only the best, all natural, completely-effective products that both enhance and protect everything from skin, hair, nails, teeth and gums. There are moisturizing creams and lotions, shaving gels and face cleansers, deodorants, lip balms, lipsticks, cosmetic foundations, all-natural hair dyes, toothpastes, mouthwashes and more.

And since GreenAcres’ entire philosophy is to spread health from the inside out, education about the products, what they do and how they work is a big part of what the GreenAcres Market team is prepared to impart to the customer. The women who work the HABA aisles walk the walk, as they say. They use the products and can explain to the customer exactly what’s in them and why they are effective and healthful.

For example, there is an excellent toothpaste on the market from Zionhealth called ClayBrite that is actually made with a magnetic clay. It’s montmorillonite, edible clay, and it’s actually brown! Don’t let the color fool you—ClayBrite whitens like no other toothpaste on the market. It’s completely safe, natural and actually pulls bacteria from the tooth and gum surface. People who use it are amazed how clean their mouths feel, and they’ve noticed, there is hardly any halitosis in the morning. Some might think it’s a bit gritty, so we suggest using it twice a week and another all-natural toothpaste the rest of the week. The man who founded the toothpaste did because he was having trouble keeping gingivitis from recurring. ClayBrite actually took care of that problem…naturally.

Olowo 2Alaffia Authentic African Black Soap is a tried-and-true product rich in shea butter that moisturizes beautifully, leaving the skin and delicate underarm area silky smooth and resistant to razor irritation. The Alaffia oils are hand crafted and shipped to Olympia, WA for distribution. All of the products are made with unrefined, natural ingredients free of harmful chemicals such as parabens and petroleum-derivative products. The Shea trees grow wild and plentiful on the African savannah, requiring no chemical fertilizers or pesticides, so they become a sustainable source for Alaffia products. And since Alaffia is part of the Fair-Trade product structure, all peoples working in the business are paid a competitive wage, with a percentage of all profits going back to African communities. What Alaffia has done to support its women workers is unbelievable. An entire village with hospital and school has materialized over time in Togo, Africa, thanks to its founder and its guiding directors who market Alaffia products world wide.

Booda Butter is another organic product that our customers have used for years. It also takes its moisturizing properties from the Shea tree. Rich in shea butter, cocoa butter, jolalia oil and more, the salve is perfect for scarring, sun burn and razor irritations.  Customers swear by it and will rub a tiny bit into their palms patting it onto hair and skin. Pregnant women love it for its stretch-mark disappearing magic. But you mothers-to-be have to use it daily!booda

Customers unaccustomed to shopping in a health food store might be surprised what every-day cosmetics and hygiene products they’ve used for years are actually doing to their bodies and the environment in terms of ingesting and absorbing unwanted chemicals and toxins. GreenAcres Market offers a better way.