Health Habits of the Hoffmann Family – Part 1

Over the past 25 years our family has had the chance to learn about a variety of supplements, remedies & trends through owning & operating GreenAcres.  We have and always will be huge believers in the power of adding vitamins & nutrients to your daily regime because we know firsthand it works.  This is why we started GreenAcres in the first place – to educate, provide options & create a community that promoted health & wellness to the absolute best! 

We also know that life changes, people change & products evolve.  So we thought we’d highlight a few of our current “favorite supplements” that each of us, take everyday to stay healthy! 

Three key supplements I take every day: Barb

Biosil Hair, Skin and Nails advanced collagen Generator

My family has always teased me that I am the poster child for Biosil.  For several years I have maintained a full head of hair, strong nails and healthy skin.  I solidly believe it is what has helped me stay looking younger, and also keeps my joints and bones healthy

Terry Naturally Clinical Glutathione:  This is one of my favorite supplements.  It’s nature’s everyday detoxifier, and helps protect you from toxic exposures & helps you fight chronic illness.  it’s truly a hidden gem & is one of the keys to anti-aging. 

Tranquil Sleep by Natural Factors:  After a full day of running the company & fighting chronic pain – I am often super tired & need some extra help falling asleep.  I started using Tranquil Sleep about 2 years ago & it has made a huge difference.  I truly couldn’t survive without this product!

Three key supplements I take every day: Dad

Bluebonnet MPX Prostrate support with Saw Palmetto, Beta-Sitosterol, and Pumpkin Seed for my prostrate health.  At my age, it surprises doctors that I have all normal Prostrate markers and no signs of abnormal function.  I attribute it to taking this supplement!

Solgar Omega 3 – I am a huge believer in taking essential fatty acids, especially for brain support!  Barb & I often challenge each other in scrabble, cards, & luminocity games at night & I realize I need all the help I can get!  I also believe that taking EFAs daily help keep my joints lubricated & improves my digestion, which I also need for my late night snacking!

Cold Snap coming into the Fall and Winter months.  It is a blend of herbs and Chinese healing flowers that taken at the sign of a cold for me stops the cold in its tracks.  Its most useful taken at the first sign of a cold and following directions on the bottle will get the best results.

It’s funny as Shannon was helping us write up our top picks – we were laughing & arguing over who got to pick what – because to be honest, we both take all of it together & this only scratches the surface of what all we take!  She had to help us narrow it down to three! 

I’ve tried to get Shannon to take everything we do and she always reminds me that she’s not our age & has other needs!  And to her credit – she has a solid regime that keeps her healthy as she travels between the stores!

Three key supplements I take every day: Shannon

Garden of Life Raw Organic Meal – I prepare a smoothie 3-4 times a week that is based off this product.  It keeps me full, provides me with a super well rounded serving of vitamins, nutrients & superfoods.  It has changed my metabolism, my appetite & has helped me lose weight.

Sunfood Maca Powder – I can’t say enough about maca.  It’s an amazing adaptogen that balances hormones, provides energy & helps me get the most out of my workouts.  Since I’ve added this to my smoothies, it has calmed my mood swings & monthly issues that I know were being driven by hormonal imbalances.

Solaray Vit D3 & K2 – I’ve changed my Vit D source a lot over the years.  After doing some DNA/Genetic work, I learned that I struggle absorbing Vit D – so I found this formula that seems to be working for me!  My levels are staying up now.

Stay tuned for more suggestions in the next newsletter – we’ll share more favorite supplements & a few of our favorite snacks!

                                                                                                –Barb Founder, CEO