How To Destress Your Gut Brain

Your gut is filled with nerve cells that think and act like your brain. Oftentimes the gut is called “the second brain”. The brain-gut connection is the most studied relationship in the body. Conditions such as IBS, Crohn’s and other gut inflammatory responses are not only being recognized as allergy and diet related but also as a result of how we deal with stress.

Emotional and physical pain

As we deal with tension, anxiety, resentment, psychological and other traumas we can often rationalize or deal with it in our real brain. However, our gut brain doesn’t have that ability so instead, we react physically to the emotional pain. The brain-gut connection is a pathway of neurons, chemicals, and hormones constantly giving feedback between each other to regulate digestion. Once the process is disrupted, it is hard to get back on track and nutritional needs may not be met.

When an IBS symptom occurs, ask yourself what state of mind are you in? Stressed? Upset? Tense? In denial? Sad? Focus on how to eliminate or reduce that neural pathway communication. Stop the trigger. Stress causes increased intestinal contractions even in healthy people. Just as you would analyze a food allergy, analyze what emotion might have caused your digestive system to lock up and react. Simple mind and body exercises like deep breathing, yoga movement, stretching, and talking about emotions can help.

Supplements to help destress

Supplements to help manage stress are B vitamins, Vitamin C, L-theanine, GABA, Magnesium, phosphatidylserine, fish oil and adrenal adaptogens such as holy basil, rhodiola, and ashwagandha. Look for these products from Alpha Brain, Life Seasons, and GAIA Herbs.

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