Intelligent Elixirs—skincare that’s squeaky clean but works like a charm

DSC05535 (800x599)GreenAcres is carrying a new skincare product line that is quickly being noticed for its non-toxic reliability and efficacy. It other words, “it works!”

Intelligent Elixirs responds to a need for skincare that performs on the same level as traditional professional products, but at an affordable price and with all-natural ingredients.

I.e. was developed by Cat Tatman and Mary Butler, two women with a combined professional skincare industry experience of 36 years. When they got together to begin product formulation, the two friends were willing to wade through extensive research and the science behind it before ever rolling out their first products.

Foremost in the plans to develop a line that truly showed anti-aging results was a determination to incorporate L-ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) into the product mix. L-ascorbic Acid is a potent antioxidant that protects skin against free radicals and promotes collagen to counteract fine lines and wrinkles. It is also the only Vitamin C the body recognizes for collagen production.

Collagen is needed in the body to mend and repair connective tissue that is lost or damaged as we age.  It helps maintain healthy skin, muscles, tendons and joints. “Orange” produce such as citrus fruit, sweet potatoes and carrots are loaded with Vitamin A which restores collagen.

Omega 3 fish oil and grass-fed meat–both of which GreenAcres Market believes in, educates consumers about and offers its customers as supplements, grocery products and deli food prepared from scratch daily in its stores that have delis—protect the fatty membrane around skin cells. The i.e. skincare line reinforces where nutritional choices are not adhered to.

But the combination of correct, nutritional sustenance and good, science-based skincare cannot be beat.  Aging, the women understood, requires supplementation and adjustments to dietary regimens to maintain healthy skin. So, they looked for combinations of herbs and botanicals which would moisturize deeply, boost collagen and elastin and assure the skin’s resilience and firmness. They realized from the first, “If you want to stay and look younger longer, you’ve got to combine the two.”

You’ll notice if you consult your January GreenAcres newsletter, Intelligent Elixirs is offering a 15% introductory offer on select products. Ask our HABA or supplements teams what they think about i.e. and avail yourselves of testers to try out the moisturizers. We think you’re going to love this new skincare line!