Just 5 little drops every morning?!


Osteoporosis is becoming a huge problem in our aging population. You can see the effects on people who are bent over at the waste and trying to propel themselves forward on walkers.  Have you ever noticed a car traveling toward you or behind you, but you can’t see the driver?  Chances are the driver has suffered from Osteoporosis for years and has lost spinal inches due to the infirmity. It affects both men and women, and along with cancer and high blood pressure, has been called “the silent killer.”

Often there is no advanced warning, but tiny fractures are incurring in the skeletal system. Doctors sometimes refer to it as the “swiss cheese” factor—the bones are becoming porous with tiny holes. Genetics plays a big part in Osteoporosis as it affects tiny-boned, white or Asian people, and usually those with a history of smoking and or drinking. People with asthma or arthritis who have taken corticosteroids are at risk as well.

Most women who have gone through menopause have a dexa scan every few years that helps monitor osteoporosis. Men should have it, too.  And there are other tests that look at the pituitary and adrenal glands. It’s always a good thing to have a yearly “tune up” to see how the old body is faring. Take your list of questions to your family physician, internist, naturopathic doctor and get his or her recommendation for the tests you should have to keep you well. Studies show that one in four women and one in eight men over age 50 already have Osteoporosis.  And in our lifetime, 50 isn’t even considered old anymore. So it’s good to stay on top of things.

There’s a woman at GreenAcres that we’ve noticed for years for her beautiful skin and thick shoulder length hair. This woman is in her 60s, and has nary a wrinkle! What’s her secret? “I’ve taken BioSil, which you sell in this store, for 11 years. I attribute my excellent bone, hair and nail strength from just five tiny drops in juice every morning.”

We had to check it out!  This is what the literature says: “BioSil™ turns on the body’s actual collagen-generating cells, known as fibroblasts. Because BioSil™ works through your body’s natural pathways, the collagen it generates has your own DNA fingerprint. BioSil™ has been tested in rigorous double-blind placebo controlled trials for both efficacy and safety.”

It’s important to note that BioSil is not made out of collagen, but generates collagen. There’s a big difference. When you ingest collagen, the human body breaks it down and uses it as food. By contrast, BioSil helps your body to generate its own collagen to provide support for stronger, healthy and thicker hair; stronger nails; fewer fine lines and wrinkles; denser and more flexible bones.

We won’t kid you, BioSil is very bitter tasting, so try it, not on the tongue, but with juice. The manufacturer warns, “Do not use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Do not apply to the eyes or on broken skin.” As always, we want to know what you think. Feedback is encouraged in our business. Please let us know if you’ve tried BioSil and what your results are to date.