Keep it simple, keep it clean, keep it Schmidt’s

DSC02363 (400x300)When Jennifer, GreenAcres Supplement and HABA manager, went to market several months ago, she brought back a deodorant she immediately fell in love with. It’s called Schmidt’s, named after the woman who created it, and she brought it in to all eight of our stores in four “delicious” flavors: Bergamot Lime, Charcoal Magnesium, Fleur de Geranium and Lavender Sage.

“It’s just my favorite deodorant, so far,” says Jennifer. “I use the geranium scented one, it’s made for sensitive skin. I’m hoping others will try the line. It’s pure, it’s natural and it works.”

Works is the operative word here. And if it contains none of the toxic materials conventional deodorants use, then Schmidt’s gets a big A+ in the GreenAcres book of approval.

A woman by the name of Jamie Schmidt, living in Portland, OR, was experimenting in her family kitchen when she decided to change the way people think about deodorant. Motivated to create something that would benefit and not harm her family’s health, Schmidt was determined her formula would not contain aluminum, would neutralize odor and would absorb wetness.

She looked at many of the deodorants offered in stores and online and realized most fell short of the consumer’s expectations. This spurred her to find the perfect combination that would immediately catch the attention of both men and women, teens and seniors that wanted something easy on the skin and contained none of the preservatives and ingredients that caused irritation and allergic reactions.

So, in 2010, Schmidt launched her line of natural deodorant to almost immediate success throughout the Northwest selling out in retail stores, boutiques, co-ops and online.

Word of mouth caught the attention of entrepreneur Michael Cammarata, a man with a track record of helping young entrepreneurs grow their businesses. Within seven years, Schmidt’s Naturals found itself in some mighty tall company. It received the Ernst & Young PNW Entrepreneur of the Year 2017 Award in Retail and Consumer Goods category, joining the likes of:  

  • Jeff Bezos of Amazon
  • Howard Schultz of Starbucks Coffee Company
  • Pierre Omidyar of eBay, Inc.
  • Mindy Grossman of HSN
  • Robert Unanue of Goya Foods
  • Reid Hoffman and Jeff Weiner of LinkedIn
  • Hamdi Ulukaya of Chobani (among others)

 “The award recognizes entrepreneurs who are excelling in areas such as innovation, financial performance and personal commitment to their businesses and communities. Cammarata and Schmidt were selected by an independent panel of judges, and the award was presented at a special gala event at the Hyatt Regency Bellevue Hotel on June 9, 2017.”

If you go to the Schmidt’s website, you’ll find a “little deo how to.” Check it out.

  1. DON’T OVERAPPLY Our deo is a bit different. A little goes a long way! We designed our formula to be applied in small amounts to avoid problems like staining or stickiness. Put on the brakes and start smaller than usual–try just a couple swipes for starters. We know you might be used to slathering on deodorant, but trust us on this one.
  2. ABSORPTION IS EVERYTHING Product will soften upon contact with body heat. Once it is warmed, apply gently to the skin. This helps the natural ingredients absorb more completely and evenly so you get the best protection and avoid irritation to the delicate underarm area.
  3. BEWARE MICROABRASIONS Be careful with that razor! Shaving causes microscopic cuts to your skin, and applying deodorant immediately afterwards can irritate them. Be sure to give your underarms some breathing time after shaving, and swap out that razor regularly to get the cleanest shave.
  4. KEEP IT FRESH Keep those underarms clean! Be sure to lather up and wash thoroughly to eliminate oils and bacteria that can contribute to body odor–giving your underarms some regular TLC goes a long way.
  5. SMELL GOOD, FEEL GOOD Breathe in deeply and take in the invigorating scent you just applied. Go on with your day in confidence thanks to Schmidt’s natural odor and wetness protection. You’re smelling fantastic, and you know it.