Matt says it’s time to detox!

DSC04274 (500x490)But this week he’s talking about taking stock of the toxicity you live with. These are Matt’s suggestions for “clearing out the debris.”

  1. Start by looking under your kitchen counter. How many cleaning products do you have?  Now, how many do you need?  What are the warnings on the labels?  Are there skin irritation warnings, or warnings to not splash in your eyes, or poison if ingested, or beware not to breathe the vapors?  Maybe you can start there.
  2. What about cosmetics, skin care items and even paper products? They can be filled with irritating chemicals that are easily absorbed into your skin, polluting your body! And I’m not going to even mention hair coloring dyes—scary stuff.  Read the labels.
  3. What about your food? Unless you eat 100% organic, you probably are ingesting some fertilizer and pesticide residues that are potentially carcinogenic.  What about the artificial colors, dyes, preservatives and sweeteners that can lead to behavior problems in children?
  4. Can low-level radiation from cell phones, Wi-Fi, microwave ovens, plasma TVs, electric blankets or fluorescent lamps cause health risks?  There’s a ton of research out there that says they do.  Some say heart disease, Alzheimer’s, impaired immunity can be caused by EMF (electromotive force) in the environment.  Choose where you eat.  Put your cell phone in your purse.  Don’t use the microwave.  Distance yourself from as many electromagnetic rays as you can!
  5. Take an inventory of your home and your lifestyle. If you suffer from allergies, breathing difficulty, skin irritation, lethargy or even red eyes—you could be living in a toxic environment.  Take stock of your surroundings and start making the necessary changes to detoxify your outer world.