Matt’s Top Five Reasons to Go Natural.

alternative meds 2 (450x350)We’re all seeking better health. Going “natural” is simpler, more efficient and much more effective. But it’s not going to be easy, so conditioned are we to high-fructose corn syrup (soda pop), sugary snacks (anything in a cookie sack), processed food (almost anything in packaged form that doesn’t read non-GMO, certified organic, gluten free)…you get the picture.

It’s going to cost you more—in research, time (reading labels), conversation (getting to know your grocer and market staff), searching out medical doctors and health practitioners who believe in both traditional and alternative medicine. And it will probably cost you more at checkout and in healthcare fees. Making a choice for proper nutrition and vitamin and mineral supplementation is worth every penny. It’s worth your very life!

Here are Matt’s Top Five reasons for learning about ancient and alternative medicine:

Five: When you realize that roughly 50% of the population will end up with some sort of chronic illness, you can take a proactive approach to prevent being in that group by learning about your food supply, your air, your exposure to toxic chemicals in your environment and other things. Begin to take charge now so you will not be in the unhealthy 50%.

Four: Modern Medicine saves lives, there is no doubt about that. But modern medicine also thrives upon sick people who need expensive drugs, who have to stay in expensive hospitals and pay for surgeries. Wouldn’t you rather become educated on prevention and self-care options for healthy living and save your medical visits for emergencies?

Three: Find out about non-invasive procedures for pain control such as acupuncture, chiropractic treatments or herbal medicines that can offer relief from symptoms and speed healing without harmful side effects.

Two: Tap into traditional methods of healing from all over the world. Herbal medicine, Chinese medicine and folk medicine from far away countries have kept people healthy for centuries. Are you missing the one technique that might be your answer? Investigate world healing techniques and you might be pleasantly surprised.

One: Learn how you can take charge of your health through diet and nutritional supplements. You can correct high cholesterol, lower blood sugar and lose weight by following a smart diet. Then you can find out which nutrients might be in short supply in your body so you can supplement and make a significant change for the better.