Mother knows best…what she’d like for Mother’s Day

DSC09739 (350x263)Guys may be thinking brunch out, maybe flowers or cologne—and those are really good choices–but mothers are sometimes more practical. They want things they can use every day, and use over and over.

So, we mothers at GreenAcres put our collective heads together and this is what we’d like to see our loved ones present us on our big day, May 14:

  • For those mothers who love manicured nails and toes, how about a gift certificate for a mani/pedi and wrap up a Mineral Fusion nail polish to go with. The colors are divine and come in shades of pink, purple, peach, red, blue, azure, lime and green. Some even have sparkles for the adventurous and those special glam evenings out. The all-natural polishes are long-lasting, chip-resistant and completely formaldehyde, toluene and camphor free.

Or, how about:DSC09742 (300x225)

  • Zum soaps—any scent. They perfume the powder room so nicely!
  • Acure body lotions, especially the Ultra Hydrating Firming Lotion with argon oil.
  • A GreenAcres Gift Certificate for any number of things. One of our mothers would love a certificate to try out new makeup. There are small 6-ounce tubes of foundation, toner, night and day creams in many of our all-natural lines. Fill a small gift bag with those and your favorite mother, daughter or girlfriend would feel like a queen!
  • Anything from Alaffia: soaps, body washes, shea butter balms. Alaffia is a Fair Trade product that helps support other mothers in Africa. That would mean the world to some mothers, knowing you choice actually benefits a kindred soul.DSC09741 (300x225)

That takes us through the girly-girl aisles; but we have GreenAcres mothers who are a bit more sporty and would love a gift basket filled with energy drinks, green grass protein powders, Kind bars, chia and flax seeds, low-cal pretzels and chocolate. Don’t forget the chocolate!

Our gluten free mothers were insistent on gift bags filled with gluten free crackers, cookies, popcorn, kale and coconut chips. Gift Certificates were big with these mothers—that way they could choose what they wanted. (One might be surprised how choosey gluten free mothers are. They know exactly what they like and don’t like!)

And last, but not least, our super, think-outside-the-box mothers wanted “combo gifts.” For example, a gift certificate for Aura Cacia essential oils, along with a diffuser, along with a gift certificate for a spa massage. One mother wanted a cruise ship shopping bag filled with—what else—tickets for two for a romantic vacation. (Who wouldn’t?!)

Another mother wanted a gift certificate to a “deli lunch day” for four of her best friends.  And yet another mother—most practical in nature—wanted a gift basket filled with Nordic Naturals Omega Fish Oil, her favorite Natural Factors tiny tab vitamins, a huge bottle of Jarrow  Vitamin D3 and her favorite naturopathic, Newton Homeopathic’s Sciatica Nerve Care for when she gets a bit “down in the hip.”

The GreenAcres mothers got a bit carried away, but what the heck. Mother’s Day is special and it just comes ‘round once a year.

Remember GreenAcres as you make your Mother’s Day plans. We’ve got lots in store for you!

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