A natural cosmetic foundation that just might have it all

DSC01974 (400x300)MyChelle Dermaceuticals has introduced Sun Shield Liquid Tint that hydrates, shields skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays, and colors just enough to work as a “natural look” cosmetic foundation, or as an underneath foundation (depending on the amount of coverage needed) for a smooth, matte finish.

The tint comes in two colors and looks great on light-to-medium skin types.  Cindy in the GreenAcres-Bradley Fair Health and Beauty department is keen on it, and she is pointing it out to everyone.

Of course, Cindy would. She’s our original go-to girl whenever anyone has a skin issue he or she just can’t get a handle on. When GreenAcres was able to stock liquid Living Clay, Cindy had us all drinking it and bathing in it. So no surprise that MyChelle’s Sun Shield Liquid Tint has both bentonite clay and agave leaf extract that absorb excess oil and dirt from pores.  Cindy equates the new liquid tint to getting a “mini facial extraction and foundation all in one.”

For those who need a refresher course in bentonite clay, it is volcanic ash that has been largely forgotten in modern times, but for centuries was used by numerous cultures as healing clays that absorb toxins in and on the body. Animals can sometimes be seen eating dirt and clay as a way of removing poisons from their systems.

The largest known collection of bentonite clay is found in Fort Benton, WY, where skincare companies beat a path to its door to obtain the clay for use in various lotions, creams and serums. The way Cindy describes it is, “bentonite clay operates something like a magnet, when hydrated, it produces an electrical charge that pulls toxins and impurities—even heavy metals—from the body.”

The pure, grey-colored clay has helped heal GreenAcres customers from acne and psoriasis, and has helped to draw out infections in open wounds. We who work at GreenAcres have seen some pretty amazing things with the use to bentonite clay.

So, the idea of having a foundation, sun screen and toxin-release all in one is fairly compelling. And you might imagine, once our HABA girls get excited about a product, their female colleagues just have to get in on the action.

Sun Shield Liquid Tint is ideal for dry skin, acne-prone skin, mature skin, oily skin, sensitive skin, normal skin and combination skin. It contains zinc oxide and has SPF 50 sunscreen.

Go to the MyChelle website and you’ll find at least one customer who is thrilled with the product: This sunscreen is exactly what I’ve been searching for. It’s lightweight, mattifying, evens out skin tone, is mineral only, and doesn’t contain silicones.”

Sounds good enough for us!