Neck, back or feet troubles? Try Topricin!


As we age, intervertebral discs may start to break down. The inner filling (a jelly-like substance) of fibrous cartilage may even start to bulge out, with nerve pain the result.

That particular pain can start in the neck and travel down the spine, or it can start in the lower lumbar area and travel up or down, affecting limbs and starting sciatic symptoms. Stopping the spasms, burning, tingling or numbness isn’t always easy. Physical therapy and acupuncture have helped some; chiropractic adjustment, others; still some are helped with frequent massage. But what of those whose relief from all of the above is only temporary? What can they do to help themselves?

GreenAcres market team members have found recommending Topricin in three different tubes: one for adult pain relief and healing; one for foot pain and neuropathy therapy; and one for children’s discomforts—all work amazing well.

Topricin is naturopathic in nature. It actually bridges the gap between well-researched natural medicine and conventional care. One of our customers carries tension in her neck. She has tried Topical Magnesium to just so-so results. One of our Health and Beauty team members recommended Topricin, and immediately she noticed a difference. Not only was the pain gone instantly, but she noticed her side to side motion was much improved.

We readily acknowledge that we are all different and not everything works for every body. But there is surely something to naturopathic medicine. In Topricin’s case, the cream tends to drain away fluids around the inflammation which irritate the nerves, restoring normal blood flow to affected areas. This frees your body to draw on its natural defense mechanisms, allowing healing to come in and surround affected tissues.

We have a Harvard-educated surgeon who frequents GreenAcres, and he always says, “The body heals itself, but you’ve got to prepare it for healing to do its job.” Makes sense, doesn’t it?  We prepare it through a number of things: proper nutrition, fish oil intake, exercise…still, the old body ages and accidents happen and disease comes in through the front or back door when we least expect it. So we need medicines and naturopathics and salves and creams to keep us going and to make sure pain doesn’t gain the upper hand.

Topricin’s website has this to say: Topricin is formulated to relieve pain through enhanced

healing. It has transformed millions of people’s lives, enabling them to go from suffering in pain to doing the things they love with the people they love.

Topricin uses no counter-irritants or chemicals such as acetaminophen, ibuprofen ornaproxen. Instead of just masking pain, it stimulates the body’s desire to repair the damaged cells causing the pain. Topricin is greaseless and free of parabens and petroleum, making

it ideal for the entire family. The non-irritating formulas are safe for all ages, diabetics, pregnant and nursing mothers.”

If you suffer from arthritis, diabetic nerve pain, spinal impingement, other—give Topricin a try, and as always, if you do, let us know your results.