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GreenAcres Markets is more than a business to founders Barb and John Hoffmann. To them, GreenAcres means creating a healthier community, encouraging sustainable lifestyles, and helping customers on their journey to wellness.

“Our vision is to make a difference – and to make a difference one person at a time,” says Barb, who founded GreenAcres in April 1994 when natural food and nutritional supplement stores were rare.

GreenAcres Market and Deli have been honored with the most prestigious awards in the Natural Market Industry. In 2014, they were awarded national "Retailer of the Year" by WholeFoods Magazine. They were a Unique Store finalist in 2018 for Retailer of the Year award from New Hope Network, a leader in healthy lifestyle products industry. In 2019, GreenAcres received local accolades in the Wichita Eagle Reader's Choice awards as the number one choice for Health Food Stores in Wichita.

GreenAcres Philosophy

Leading toward healthier lifestyles

The way we work with our customers is a little different than most. As part of our mission, we want to educate and guide our customers towards a healthier lifestyle.

Our knowledgeable staff has been trained to help guide the shopping experience, studying to establish particular areas of expertise to help advise customers on their specific needs and concerns.  These experts can offer advice on many aspects of wellness, from supplement advice to how to thrive with special diets.

We offer ongoing in-store seminars and special events on a variety of topics to give customers the information they need to achieve their goals. We bring in experts from the community and in our stores to provide free seminars on topics our customers want to know more about, such as navigating CBD oil options, how to use aromatherapy to reduce stress or make the most of Keto diets. Our free special events, such as the annual health fair, tasting fairs, and customer appreciation parties, give our customers a chance to get to know our vendors and sample new products.

Our website and monthly newsletter are also filled with information to give our customers more information about improving health. Our blog and newsletter have articles about what we’re watching, tips for eating for health, new products, recipes, and more. Check out our YouTube channel and Facebook pages for video recommendations and tips, as well as more information about our vendor partners.

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Cheney Lake Farm's Stories

Today’s consumers are more educated about where their food comes from. “People are taking accountability for their own health and wellness and where they source their food,” says co-owner Shannon Hoffmann.

Since GreenAcres partners with small farmers and ranchers, like Cheney Lake Tomatoes and Lucky Star Farms, customers can feel confident their food is produced sustainably, without chemicals, pesticides or genetic modification. See below video stories to learn more about our local partners.