Pain, pain, go away…! (And the Natural Factors connection.)


How do we make it stop? There seems to be intermittent pain everywhere these days.  We can go to bed well; wake up in pain!  Pain in degenerative joints.  Back pain.  Muscle pain.  Headache pain.  Carpal tunnel pain. Tendinitis pain.  Bursitis pain.  And on and on.  We don’t need it. We don’t want it.  So, again, how do we make it stop?

Supplement founders and formulators feel your pain…in fact, they usually feel their own pain first.  That’s what sets them about creating a holistic, all natural supplement to ease the pain.  In the 40s, traditional medicine came up with the aspirin tablet.  It has been the panacea for all pain, fever and blood clots to this day.  “Take two aspirin and call me in the morning.” But there are side effects to aspirin and many can’t take the little, white pill.  Tummy troubles, ulcers, internal bleeding and a host of other things come to mind.

Those who believe in naturopathic medicine with the strength and effectiveness of traditional drugs usually wind up at GreenAcres to ask our knowledgeable supplement personnel about “which supplements to take.”  Pain is a great motivator for health.  Sometimes it’s pain that gets us thinking in a whole ‘nuther way…usually about nutrition (what have I done to myself?!)…or about exercise (if I start going to the gym today, will the pain be gone by tomorrow?!)…or about stress (I’ve got to learn to take it easy!)  Any number of self-talk scenarios.  Just fill in the blanks that fit.

So, where do we start when looking for relief?  There are lots of choices on the all natural market, but we’re going to zero in on Natural Factors MSM being touted in some circles as the natural solution for pain.  MSM is short for methylsulfonylmethane, a naturally-occurring organic source of sulfur that is found in the human body.

Clinical trials have proven thus far that MSM is powerful enough to stop pain without being toxic.  It lessons inflammation, increases blood supply to the injured area, reduces muscle spasms and softens scar tissue.  The scar tissue element is a God-send for any who have had even one operation and know how far into the body scar tissue can spread.

Now before you cry, “But I’m allergic to sulfa drugs,” please note there is a distinction between sulfites (to which many are allergic) and sulfur which is found in every living thing.  This is what the Natural Factors folks have to say about sulfur:

  • Sulfur is found in every cell and is concentrated in connective tissue, skin, nails and hair.
  • Sulfur is found in the amino acids methionine, cysteine and cysteine, considered to be the building blocks of protein. (MSM can enhance these important amino acids.)
  • It aids in the production of immunoglobulin to maintain a normal immune system.
  • It is involved in the building up of our body substance, the energy that sustains our physical activity, and the neutralization of oxidants and toxins that can destroy our health from within.
  • Since ancient times, sulfur has been associated with healing—and was promoted for a time after WWII. (Remember hearing about the benefits of soaking in natural sulfuric springs?)

Getting enough sulfur in our diets today is important since modern methods of farming often strip the soil of important minerals like magnesium, zinc—and sulfur.

MSM’s anti-inflammatory properties can help reduce and normalize swelling giving many people reduction in pain and improvement in range of motion.  But the success stories don’t stop there.  There are documented cases where MSM has not only helped arthritic patients, but also those who suffer from allergies, gastrointestinal upsets and—believe it or not—snoring which many a spouse might be excited to hear.

And so far, the only known side effect is “increased energy.” Well, we say, sign us up!

As with anything medical, ask your doctor, care provider, naturopathic specialist, even our supplement managers at any of our three GreenAcres stores to explain the benefits, pros and cons before you start a new regimen.  They’ll give you the straight scoop, tell you what’s worked for them and other customers, so you can make your own decision if MSM might help you.

Remember, our customers are never a “pain in the neck” to us at GreenAcres.  We want to see you well, healthy and happy—it’s our mission.  So come in, tell us where it hurts.  We’re here to make it stop!