Pure at 680 feet!

DSC02114 (400x300)We carry an alkaline water that’s found in an artesian source so deep within the earth it actually can have a positive effect on your health. It’s called 1907 Water, and GreenAcres customers love it.

The water got its name from the year it was discovered in the town of Paeroa, New Zealand, a country known for its pristine coastlines and glorious flora.

What makes the water such a find is its renewable source. The artesian aquifer is constantly refilled through natural rainfall, and the water comes by natural pressure to the surface—no energy resources are used in its collection.

Alkaline water is a buzz word these days. GreenAcres CEO, Barb Hoffmann, always emphasizes that an alkaline body contains no cancer. 1907 Water says it actually can help neutralize the body’s acidity levels which tend to increase with the consumption of refined sugar, processed grains and the wrong kind of fat.

The company works with bottle redemption programs worldwide and manufactures its bottles out of recycled materials. All of its partners have green policies, and 1907 Water prides itself on a 2%-or-less waste policy.

The 1907 Water website says, “…lower mineral content has a particular advantage that waters without this combination cannot match: taste and softness. The high alkalinity gives the feeling of silkiness on the pallet and our lower mineral content ensures a smooth finish, not a soapy aftertaste.”

New Zealand mineral waterPaeroa has a colorful history with a boom-bust scenario not unlike Wichita, KS a century later. Wikipedia tells of the daring British sailor Captain Cook who, in 1779, sailed up the Waihou River to Netherton, just north of Paeroa and penned in his journal delight at seeing the huge Kaihikitea trees along the river bank. Cook named the river The Thames, after the river in his homeland.

The first white settler arrived in the district in 1842, a farmer named Joshua Thorp seeking fertile farm land, and purchasing his plot from Ngati Tamatera Paramont Chief Tararia.

The mining fields were developing at a fast clip and Paeroa became a bustling river port servicing gold seekers, coal miners and river merchants.

Time and circumstance eventually gave way to “progress,” as history reports. Horse and buggies ushered in Ford trucks, rail service declined and Paeroa lost its railway. Today only 3900 people call Paeroa home, but the pure, alkaline springs still prevail.

As the 1970 Water company attests, the good, old days of a town’s most precious commodity will forever be immortalized in the year “good health” was discovered 680 feet (down) under.

Just so you know, in all of our eight GreenAcres Markets, the one liter bottle of 1907 is on sale! DSC02115 (400x300)