Tea and Thee


Sixteen years ago, two British fellows by the name of Tim Westwell and Sebastian Pole decided (presumably over a cup of tea) to start an herbal tea company.

Their collective dream was to familiarize people with the health benefits of medicinal-grade organic herbs so that all might enjoy a healthier, happier life. They named their company Pukka which means “authentic,” referring both to the 175 varieties of fair-trade herbs used in their brews and the sublime experience of enjoying a satisfying cup of tea that might actually improve the consumers’ health.

Since GreenAcres has a similar mission of bringing good health to one person, one community at a time, we immediately liked Pukka’s spunk.

Each tea is blended by master herbsmith Sebastian Pole who infuses the company’s 38 organic teas from among the more than 175 varieties of organic herbs sourced says the Pukka website “from some of the world’s most beautiful places.”

Just reading the description of the teas GreenAcres carries is compelling and makes one immediately want to put on the tea kettle and settle in with a good book. For example, Clean Matcha Green is made with lemons, fresh dandelion root, nettle, lemon myrtle leaf and matcha powder to accompany the pure Sencha whole tea leaf.

For those unfamiliar with dandelion root, check out its medicinal health benefits:

  • Nourishes the liver
  • Is high in iron and zinc (used as a treatment for anemia)
  • Helps to maintain regularity
  • Recognized as a great blood rebuilder
  • Detoxifies poisons and toxic waste buildup in the body

Matcha has played a big part in the health world for the last two years, and why not? It’s packed with antioxidants, boosts the metabolism and burns calories. In addition, it is rich in fiber, chlorophyll and vitamins.

Our stores with delis often put matcha into smoothie’s at the request of customers who recognize that it boosts the metabolism and can lower cholesterol.

Another Pukka tea that has Lynette, our central market buyer, enthusiastic is Three Ginger. It’s prepared with golden turmeric, and if you’ve ever looked in a GreenAcres’ bulk section, you’ll notice the turmeric canister is always half full.

Our customers know their herbs and know that turmeric is used in topical applications and internal supplements and has been considered a health benefit to the world’s Indian population for thousands of years.

Turmeric is used as a healing agent for skin abrasions, aches and pains, GI tract inflammation and as an anti-bacterial.

We encourage you to try the two Pukka teas mentioned above. They are on sale this month for $4.49 a box. But GreenAcres stocks several others we think you will enjoy. A popular choice is Pukka Night Time. If you have trouble sleeping, this soothing tea infused with oat flower and lavender should send you off to slumber land in no time.