Few things scream GreenAcres like our hot case, deli and bakery food

deli3 (400x295)Where else can you find made-from-scratch organic ingredients delivered fresh out of the ground from local vendors or flash frozen at processing and trucked right to our stores the very day you come to lunch or dinner? We’re guessing “nowhere!”

GreenAcres Market made a commitment 23 years ago to deliver only the best, most nutritious, sustainable, organic food and spare no expense in doing so. As Barb Hoffmann, our CEO, always says, “If we don’t go first class and prepare the best for our customers, why do it at all?!”

That commitment holds true today. There are no short cuts when it comes to our deli and hot case menus. Everything is prepared daily, from scratch, in our store kitchens and served immediately to our hungry customer-guests. For our stores that do not have full kitchens, we deliver deli and bakery items and our specialty potpies, buffalo bierocks and breakfast and lunch burritos to hot-and-cold grab & go cases so everyone in all our stores gets to share in our tastiest fare.

deli (350x263)We reckon we were the first in Wichita, KS to offer an all-organic salad bar, and we know we’re the only salad bar in town to carry the luscious Cheney Lake lettuce and tomatoes and local-vendor sprouts and microgreens.

Many of you familiar with GreenAcres have heard about Cheney Lake tomatoes, grown year around by the John Miller family that has put its heart and soul into growing the best tomatoes in the Midwest.

Three years ago, GreenAcres started carrying all of Cheney Lake’s lettuces, kale and chard as well as tomatoes. Matt Murray, one of our owners and the store manager at GA-Bradley Fair, says, “Cheney Lake is the next best thing to having a Farmer’s Market in the store. The Millers deliver their produce the very day it’s harvested. You can’t beat that for nutrition!”

For many years GA-Bradley Fair has hosted a Farmer’s Market in its parking lot one day a week from May through September.DSC06885 (200x150) The market has been a great source of discovery for our health food chain. We’ve found salsa companies, bread companies, cookie companies and more that have introduced their products through our Farmer’s Market. Many of those companies have been asked to become wholesale distributors inside our eight stores year around.

Don’t forget the wonderful local baker who brings us the most luscious homemade iced cinnamon rolls! Heat up one of those in the oven and neighbors will beat a path to your door.

Other stores in the Midwest might serve food, but it’s more commissary-type fare, made off premises. At GreenAcres, you get the real deal: down-home American, Mexican, Asian and Indian recipes that offer great nutrition without extra salt, too many carbs or heavy dairy.

Each day, we offer a variety of soups and hot case food that is gluten free, dairy free, soy free  and delicious. We cater to those with special dietary needs, and we can put out a corporate spread that rivals the finest restaurants—just give us 48 hours’ notice.

donna (250x188)GreenAcres makes lavish deli and baked goods trays for parties and private entertaining. We supply corporate fruit baskets to companies that have their employees’ nutrition in mind. We make individual gift baskets as “thank you” and “just because” presents. We make gluten-free birthday cakes, savory casseroles for 10-15 or more. We actually can and do it all. And we do it using all-organic ingredients, grass-fed beef, pastured pork and sustainable fish.

New to our deli in Bradley Fair is an expanded section of our Grab & Go called “Savory Meals” made from scratch daily by a French-trained cook named Alfred. How does almond-crusted wild-caught salmon resting on a bed of fresh, organic spring spinach and mixed vegetables with a slightly sweet-and-tangy lemon sauce sound? Too good to be true? Not in our deli. We have lots of fresh, nutritious meals for one or four ready for the busy working man or woman to take home daily.

If you haven’t had a GreenAcres meal, you’re in for a treat. Stop in to a GreenAcres Market in Bradley Fair, Wichita, KS, in the Walnut Square Shopping Center in OKC, OK, and in the Village at Briarcliff in K.C., MO. We promise you won’t be disappointed.