How to throw a party they’ll remember

dining3There’s a guy in Houston that everyone who is anybody has heard of. His name is Jackson Hicks and he’s apparently the man everyone listens to when they want to throw a successful party.

You remember those old E.F. Hutton ads where everyone turned to “hear.”

Since it’s that time of year, when people are decorating their homes, dialing up a caterer, making a guest list and checking it twice, we’ll just eavesdrop a bit on what makes a great get together whether for four or four hundred.

If Hicks’ advice is good enough for Houstonians, it’s good enough for us. Here’s what the master had to say in a recent PaperCity interview about creating the perfect party:


1). Start with the guest list: It should be diverse, have some artists, some soul, some tycoons, some devastating beauties — both genders. Add people who are animated and make good conversation.

2). A few eccentrics always liven things up.

3). Keep in mind that everything is about the social interaction with people. The food, the beverages, the music are just support for that interaction.

4). Create magic moments, something unexpected. The element of surprise contributes significantly to the party milieu.

5). Always personally greet your guests at the door with a warm welcome.

6). Offer guests a beverage shortly after they arrive. Pampering should begin as soon as they step through the door.

7). Hors d’oeuvres should be bite-sized so that they are easy to eat.

8). Culinary offerings should be beautiful as well as tasty. We eat with our eyes first.

9). Abundance always!

10). End the party while the energy level is still high. Make guests wish it had never ended. dining2

Whether you’re having guests over, or just treating family as guests during this holiday season, GreenAcres stands ready to cater to your every need. We can supply party platters and even serve up an entire menu for any number people. You create the guest list, and we’ll supply the food!

Have a warm and wonderful last few days leading up to Christmas. At GreenAcres, we’re grateful for everyone of you.