It took 50 years, but dad finally got his due

dadWikipedia tells us Father’s Day was founded by a woman named Sonora Smart Dodd in 1910 after she heard a sermon in church on Mother’s Day and got inspired. Sonora wanted to honor her dad who was a Civil War vet and a single father who raised six children.  But the holiday didn’t catch on right away.  The populace was leery that it was just another commercial attempt to get people to open their wallets and pander to the “trade.”

Sonora wouldn’t give up. In fact she got the trade organizations behind her, but it wasn’t until two decades later that Father’s Day started to take hold.  Time continued to pass, and still no real recognition, however with most everything, politics finally won over.  In 1966, with a little nudge from the late and distinguished Senator from Maine, Margaret Chase Smith, who shamed her fellow Congressmen in Senate chambers for ignoring the “other family member,” Father’s Day was proclaimed a day of celebration.  Six years later, under President Richard Nixon, a permanent national holiday was signed into law.

So fast-forward to 2017. How do you plan to celebrate Father’s Day Sunday, June 18? has some things to recommend, embellished here:

  • Spend time together, as a couple or as a family. Life can get in the way of “living.” We get caught up in working, cooking, cleaning and simply maintaining. Get out of the house this Father’s Day. Check out your city or state. Take a road trip, share adventures, stories, dreams. Make Dad’s Day something the whole family will remember!
  • Throw a surprise party for your favorite Dad. Men don’t usually like surprises, but if you plan something relaxing around a grill, a pool or a family-style supper, you might win him over to the unexpected. Golf buddies just dropping by…siblings coming over “just because”…children decorating the house before Dad gets up on Sunday morning. Pancakes, bacon and coffee are always welcomed party food.
  • Make romance. Celebrate your guy as provider and caregiver. Make him feel special with little cards that tell him how much he means to you as a partner and father to your children. Make time for just the two of you. Flattery to a guy goes a long way. We can never say enough how much his love means to the whole family.
  • Create a photo album…filled with special moments of the past year. A digital album isn’t hard to put together, thanks to the computer’s picture file. Or present your special guy with a framed photo of a time when it was just the two of you together. Memories show you’ve relished every step along the way. Even with bumps in the road, he’s still your man.
  • Give gifts that affirm his hobbies. Kids love to create gifts around a central theme: golf, cars, sports. What special talents does your loved one have? Maybe he needs to be encouraged to revive an old hobby he used to love but set aside when the family’s needs took over. For the man who used to love to sketch or paint, there’s always a gift of pencils, oils, paper…and time—promised time each week for you to take the kids while he indulges in time just for himself.
  • Just appreciate him. Tell him how much you need him. Show him how you feel with hugs and affection, a poem, a note that details the ways he contributes to the family, how he gives moral and emotional support, what makes him a great parent and partner. Gratitude and love are always the greatest gifts you can give Dad on his special day.

At GreenAcres, we acknowlege all our great dad customers who continue to honor us with their presence and support. We value you and your patronage and wish you the happiest of times on your special day!