Udi and Rudi…what’s in a name?


These two bakeries may share roots in the same state, but that’s where the “alliteration affiliation” ends. Except, both companies make excellent products that sell amazingly well at all eight of our GreenAcres stores.

So what’s their story? First up: Udi’s. What started as The Sandwich Man diner in Denver, Co, 20 years ago, developed far beyond the dreams of Udi Baron and his wife Fern. Today, Udi’s is the umbrella name for six different companies (cafes, restaurants, catering…) all run by Udi and next-gen family members who have a passion for food and believe totally in excellent customer service.

GreenAcres subscribes to Udi’s artisan bread division; and we have customers who shop our stores just for Udi products: gluten-free breads, hamburger buns, bagels and crunchy granola.

Udi saw a niche in making bread the old fashioned way and brought in artisan bread baker, Maurizio Negrini, a third-generation baker from Italy, to direct the bakery products and put a certain old-world taste quality that’s impossible to replicate.  In Colorado, the breads come fresh from the ovens twice daily with the suggested result: “Be a hero, bring home a warm loaf of bread!”

Next: Rudi’s.

Typical of product founders that just can’t find the “perfect product to satisfy them,” Rudi’s organic bakery that began in 1976 in Boulder, CO, had an instant following and served the families and neighbors who lived by the original store.  How could it miss, just think of the “old days,” when bakeries were prolific and that wonderful scent of “mother” just wafted through the neighborhood.

For the Rudi’s organization, homemade bread was synonymous with “happy,” and why not make it “healthy as well?!” And so Rudi’s was born and thus thrives today. The company continues to say its holistic approach to bread baking was the “biggest innovation in bread…well, since sliced bread.”  That passion to make bread and bread products the right way is alive and well, and shows itself in the way GreenAcres customers continue to buy the products.

Rudi’s Organic has always been about living free – free of artificial ingredients, preservatives, high fructose corn syrup, trans-fat and genetically modified organisms (GMOs), and that fits right in with GreenAcres philosophy.

So, you can’t go wrong with either Udi’s or Rudi’s. We carry both companies’ breads, bagels, tortilla rounds, hamburger and hotdog buns, Jewish rye, English muffins, gluten free cookies, granola.  We love their bread lines, if you pardon the pun. What’s in a name, you ask? Everything…everything good.

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