What are you thankful for?

cs3We share the following for inspiration when you gather with family and friends in two weeks around your Thanksgiving table. You might ask each member to share what he or she is thankful for and see if it doesn’t warm your heart this holiday season.

The photo at left shows the special bond our GreenAcres family has for one another. Barbara, Susan and Bonnie work in supplements at our Bradley Fair and Normandie stores, and have shared their knowledge with countless customers through the years.

They each come from different backgrounds. Each has a story all her own, yet when the three come to work, they unite as one to help the customer who comes through that door looking for advice and help, often with a health issue.

I’m grateful just seeing the joy in their faces and their collective ability to reach out and help others. They’ve helped me many times when I’ve had a health question. I value all my colleagues and I’m so grateful I work with pleasant, intelligent, helpful people who put their own problems aside during working hours to help those in need.

The following is from the book What Makes You Grateful?: Voices from Around the World,” by Lauren Gniazdowski.

See if what her readers shared with her doesn’t inspire you to search your own hearts for what makes you grateful during this most “wonderful time of the year.”

I’m grateful for hobbies. “I am grateful for the meditative place that whittling takes me.” —Noah Kaeser

I’m grateful for community. “I believe in community. I believe that if you ask for what you need, people will give it. And sometimes, even when you do not ask, people see what you need and come forward.” —Nancy Smith Worthen

I’m grateful for family. “I am grateful for my parents, who taught me to dream. I am grateful for my friends, who shared my dreams. I am grateful for my wife, who supported my dreams. Finally, I am grateful for my daughter, who helped me realize my dreams.” —Partha Pratim Ghosh

I’m grateful for the little things. “My morning coffee. Couldn’t get started without it.”—M.

I’m grateful for creativity. “I am grateful for my dreams because they push me to do things that I never would have been able to do without them.” —Van Logan Franklin

I’m grateful for travel. “I am grateful for being able to travel freely, and to have had the opportunity to visit beautiful places around the world. I have met so many wonderful people who have enriched my life.” —Dan Yagmin, Jr.

I’m grateful for life. “Art, poetry, friends, health, freedom, peace, seasons, wisdom, beauty, joy, spiritual inspiration, family, love, creativity, harmony, nature, generosity, simplicity, energy, joy, and more joy.” —Judith Barbour Osborne

 At GreenAcres, we’re thankful for each one of you. We wish you health and happiness as we head into the busiest time of year. Just know we’re here to help when things get hectic and you just need a cheerful face to tell you “everything’s going to be all right.”

Every one of our eight stores has people just like Barbara, Susan and Bonnie. Our doors will be open every day but Thanksgiving and Christmas.

And after the holidays are over, we’ll still be here. Come grab a cookie from the tasters and a sip of coffee from the urns and tell us again what you’re thankful for this season. <3