What is Essential?

Essential might be the word of the year in 2020. But let’s look seriously into the meaning regarding our health. Over the last six months we watched news reports and read articles about who had a better chance of survival during the pandemic. Experts agreed that a healthy body was a more resilient body when dealing with a virus or other immune challenges.

Chronic disease makes a person more susceptible to immune assaults. High blood pressure, blood sugar issues, diabetes and obesity all play a role. So when you’re wondering where to start, the answer is always your diet.

Eat the rainbow

This recommendation always applies–eat more colorful fruits and vegetables. They should make up about ⅔ of your plate. Vegetables are high in antioxidants and fiber, high in water for hydration and low in calories. A recent article in Men’s Health magazine suggested that we need to aim to consume at least 20 different vegetables every week to maximize our health. That’s a lot of variety!

Consuming lean proteins provides building blocks for your body structure as well as all the enzymatic activity that helps strengthen your immunity. Top it off with beneficial fats from cold water fish, seeds and nuts–you have your food covered.

Move more and sleep better

Exercise is being touted as one of the best ways to improve your immunity. For starters, exercise will help combat the chronic conditions mentioned above. It can help lower cholesterol, stabilize blood sugar and increase your cardiovascular and pulmonary functions making you stronger and more disease resistant!

Exercise lowers stress and helps you get a good night’s sleep. Stress weakens our body. Recent reports found that testing for high cortisol, the stress hormone, in COVID-19 patients provided guidance in treating the infection. Take a walk outdoors. Meditate. Read a fun book. Do something to help you disconnect from worry.

Find ways to improve your sleep quantity and quality. Set a bedtime routine and stick with it. Turn off the TV. Shut down your tablet and put away your phone. The blue light from electronic devices can disrupt your sleeping patterns.

Take essential immune supporting supplements

In addition to Green Acres’ recommended immune protective 6 supplements, we also recommend foundational multi-vitamin combination supplements that will give you more options to stay healthy with stronger results. Start now and stay on track for the rest of the year with healthy food, healthy habits and daily supplements.