When plant protein satisfies your “veggie quotient”


Having trouble getting your daily-recommended amounts of veggies in?

Bonnie, our supplement expert, suggests trying her morning regimen instead of fretting about amounts and vegetable varieties. Bonnie puts a scoop of Vibrant Health Maximum Vibrance and a tablespoon of Amazing Grass Raw Reserve into a glass of water, and downs it first thing in the morning, then she’s confident she’s getting everything she needs from organic veggies for the rest of the day.

Why Vibrant Health Maximum Vibrance? Take a look at the ingredients in a single serving:

• 20g plant protein
• A slew of multivitamins
• Antioxidants
• 25 billion probiotics (!)
• Fiber
• Meal shake

Look at the Vibrant Health webpage: “It comes closer than any other dietary supplement to being the singular product one may take in place of all other supplements. The only essential nutrients absent from the formula are essential fats, in particular the omega-3 fatty acids. Technology has not yet developed a stable form of powdered omega 3s or other healthful fats that possess a shelf life suitable for use in powdered supplements.”

Bonnie doesn’t worry about the Omega 3s either. She eats salmon at lunch several times a week and takes a fish oil supplement daily.

Not only does she not worry if she’s getting enough vegetables in her diet, this “super food drink” in chocolate (her favorite flavor, but it also comes in vanilla) is tolerable in taste and absorption and it gives her energy to work or play all day.

So why add Amazing Grass Raw Reserve? “Well, for one thing,” says Bonnie, “I’ve met the people who grow these nutrient dense cereal grasses, and after talking with them, I’m a believer. It’s one of the perks working in the health food business. We get to know our vendors and learn from highly-trained educators who believe in and take the supplements they represent.”

The Amazing Grass website has this to say: “Our family farm in the middle of Kansas is devoted to hundreds of acres of nutritional grasses, plus we’ve added a blend of spirulina, chlorella and sea vegetables (fresh blue-green algae, kelp and sea lettuce) from the coast of Maine. All this offers an array of free radical fighting plants and herbs, each completely raw, vegan and gluten free of the highest quality.”

With all that going for it, why not give yourself an extra boost as Bonnie does?

Bonnie admits the Amazing Grass isn’t the best tasting, so she chooses the berry flavor, but then just mixes it with Vibrant Health’s chocolate.

“I admit it’s an odd-tasting concoction,” says Bonnie, “but for one glass a day, I don’t care what it tastes like. It gives me energy and I don’t have to worry about counting my veggies. Sometimes you just have to give your tastebuds time to adjust. Try my breakfast for a week, see it you don’t learn to love it.”

If you’re in GreenAcres Bradley Fair, stop by and visit with Bonnie about the supplements she takes herself. Every system is different, but visiting with those who have good luck with certain products makes us feel more secure about our choices.

The neat thing about both of these supplements is that they come in single-serving amounts which allows you to try them before you commit to a month’s supply.

If in doubt, just ask Bonnie or any of our knowledgeable market team. They are here to serve!