Why Shop Local?

Why is shopping #LOCAL so important? This article >>> really explains what’s so great about your local-owned businesses! Seriously… you can make a difference.
What we do:
➡️ bring experts to town so you can meet them and learn more about the special diets, products, supplements, and more
➡️ create good jobs in your community
➡️ work to support the local farmers & producers where you live
➡️ partner with local organizations
➡️ create a safe and comfortable space for you to spend an hour or two, eating lunch, trying new products/foods, or read a book
➡️ host classes and workshops to educate public
➡️ pay taxes

Also to point out, big businesses (that have brick & mortar stores) that are tied to online shopping… are NOT Local business. Other natural food stores around town are all feeding into a much bigger pocket book.

➡️ They can often get bigger discounts from suppliers because they buy mass bulk! Enough to cover their online shoppers and hundreds to thousands of stores world-wide.

➡️ They often eat the cost difference. Yes! They sometimes put stuff on sale that is cheaper than what they bought it for wholesale… They are counting on you to buy other products that have a larger mark-up.

➡️ While they hire local people to work in a store… the company doesn’t truly care about the location. HQ folks don’t live there. They don’t invest in the community.

➡️ When they say they support local farmers/producers/etc. This is often smoke and mirrors. They might bring in a handful. They may only make claims. They DON’T offer the extra support and work hand-in-hand with them. We bring in AS MANY local products as we can. We work hard to market for them, often for no extra charge. Big Box Business charges even the little guy to promote their products online by tagging, photos, posts, or if they’re in the magazine, the farmers pay for those ads.

➡️ Product companies that are smaller NEED the Local businesses to sell their products because that’s where they make the most money. Big business sells things for very little margin or get much bigger discounts, the product companies don’t make nearly as much. Without us, these smaller less known brands will go under. Unless they are able to sellout to a corporate big brand or somehow their products become the next “big thing”… casino minsta insättning