Why We Use Supplements

Navigating the supplements department at GreenAcres can be a daunting task. That is why we have knowledgeable employees to help you with your product selections. Understanding some terminology can be a benefit that will clarify why you might use certain supplements.

Let’s look at one idea that can help you understand the purpose of supplement use. For example, women are concerned about bone density and bone strength. In this instance, you need to know how to make sense of calcium supplementation. Whether it is calcium for bone density or a different condition you desire to treat, consider the structure and function of the supplement in light of the specific condition.

­Supplement structure

Our diet provides us with building blocks for a healthy body. That is why we try to focus on a good balance of protein, vegetables and healthy fats. Supplements can also provide building blocks to support the body structure–bones, skin, joints and organs. Calcium supplements provide the building blocks to make strong bones. Many do not realize that calcium comes from limestone, purified bones or a vegetable form from algae. The quality of the ingredients will determine how well your body can utilize the calcium. GreenAcres’ associates can help you pick the right source of calcium.

Supplement function

Body processes are regulated by micronutrients that act as catalysts or sparks that trigger chemical processes. These chemical impulses are what keep our hearts beating, keep our mind and nervous system operating and support our digestion and elimination. It is hard to imagine, but one missing micronutrient can short circuit body processes and decrease function.

Condition specific

With the understanding of structure and function, supplement manufacturers have created formulas that can assist in many body processes. Bone formulas will contain high quality calcium with the addition of the micronutrients that put the calcium to work to build better bones. Much research has gone into formulas to take the guesswork out of how to combine nutrients to get the best results. Tie together structure, function and condition to find the right supplement for your needs.

Check out Bone Densi-T from Life Seasons for a calcium formulation. It starts a high-quality form of calcium and then adds in specific cofactors to build strong bones. They have done the work for you! Check out the entire Life Seasons’ brand offerings. From blood pressure to joint health, they have you covered head to toe.