You Are What You Eat

To achieve maximum nutrient availability and absorption, GreenAcres recommends plant-based supplements rich with whole food ingredients. Plant-based supplements provide all the essential vitamins, minerals, enzymes, phytonutrients, and antioxidants for the best holistic source of nutrition. All of these nutrients work together, synergistically, to provide optimum results. Research continues to support these claims and the results often speak for themselves.

Whole food supplements

We want to highlight four partner brands that embody the GreenAcres’ mission and have been leaders in the category. Each has a focus that makes it unique. All of them can easily support that they utilize 100% organic, non-GMO whole fruits and vegetables. They completely control the supply chain for their products farm to supplement.

Every supplement contains the essential nutrients listed above. Some take it a step further with their patented blend of whole food-based enzymes, probiotics and prebiotics to make their formulas true superfoods. They have invested in their own farms for many of the ingredients and only partner with reputable sources for items like sea vegetables and rare plants.

Whole food supplements come in many varieties and specialties. Co-founded with wellness advocate Alicia Silverstone, Garden of Life MyKind Organics produces a certified vegan line and eliminates all binders and fillers. Garden of Life also offers no-sugar added gummies and herbal extracts that use non-GMO alcohol or plain water as the delivery system. Natural Factors, Megafood, and New Chapter also produce widely respected whole food supplements.

Eat well, supplement well

Packed full of real, farm-fresh vegetables, fruits, and whole grains direct from farmers, whole food supplements balance nutritional deficiencies. Working toward a world where everyone is nourished, these producers operate with transparency and support regenerative agriculture. A pioneer in whole food-based supplements, GreenAcres Markets delivers smart products with maximum absorption rates. Reach out online, over the phone, or at any Market location with questions for our expert staff on whole food supplements.